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L & R Shipping Supply
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Customized Anti-Static Productsspacer

Anti Static Packaging Today's miniature electronic circuits are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Conventional plastic cushioning, foams and films develop static charges that can destroy or, even worse, degrade CMOS, MOSFET, bi-polar transistors and other static sensitive components.

Moisture Resistant and Chemically Inert:

MicroFoam Anti Stat does not absorb water like open-cell materials and is unaffected by most chemicals, acids, and solvents. It can be sliced, die-cut,heat-sealed, taped, laminated, stamped, printed or embossed.


Customized Anti Static Packaging ProductsUse anti-static materials for:

  • Cushioning

  • Void Fill

  • Interleaving

  • Surface Protection

  • Storage

  • Work Surface

Boxes for IC'sL&R Shipping Supply carries a large selection of anti-static packaging materials.
Ask our packaging specialists to recommend the right packaging for your needs.