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Instapak® Packaging Solutionsspacer

The Instapak 900 series: A proven all-electronic packaging system.

Instapak 9001<Instapak 900>

Choose Instapak Model 900 for small to medium packaging operations, or Instapak Model 901 for larger packaging evironments.

Both models feature electronic metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls to guarantee top quality Instapak foam packaging.

Instapak Quick™ Packaging:

Innovative, convenient packaging with low start-up-costs.

All the cost-saving benefits of foam-in-bag packaging in a convenient compact system.

The Ultimate in Product Protection: Offers all the protection of Instapak foam during shipping, warehousing and general handling. Easy to use: In minutes, anyone can become a packaging expert.

Versatile: Econimically and efficiently protects products of almost any size, shape and weight.

Fast: Expands in seconds to form custom-fit cushions

Space Efficient: The equivalent of a room full of packaging material can be stored in a single carton.

Convenient: Just-in-time packaging for any size company

Customer satisfaction: Your customers receives your product damage-free in a neat professional package.

SpeedyPacker™ Solutions:

For fragile products, the highly protective cushions produced by the SpeedyPacker system canb e used to create a variety of protective packages. In seconds, your operator can easily form top and botom cushions, end caps, corner posts and more, providing fast, simple protection for a wide variety of items.

Instapak™ Tabletop
Superior protection from a cost-effective, simple and compact system

Enjoy all the proven benefits and cost savings of foam-in-bag packaging with an afoordable, user friendly Instpak® system.

Maximum Value: This low cost, foam-in-bag system reduces material and labor costs.

Easy to Use: A simplified touch key panel virtually eliminates the operator's learning curve.

Compact: Small, innovative design saves valuable workspace.

Flexible: The instapacker Tabletop system supports tha packaging needs of shipping rooms, mutiple pack station operations and even production floor.

Protective: Instapack® high performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shippping, warehousing and general handling.