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L & R Shipping Supply
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Corrugated Boxes and Chipboard Productsspacer

Customized to your specifications:

  • sheets
  • cartons
  • pads
  • partitions
  • buildups
  • die cuts
  • glued assemblies
  • custom displays
  • custom assemblies
  • integrated boxes

Corrugated Boxes and Chipboard Products

Box DisplayCorrugated shipping containers are now the largest packaging container business. Corrugated boxes are used by virtually every industry in the United States.

In addition to its use in the actual shipping containers, corrugated board is also used for bracing and blocking. Partitions inside boxes hold products in place or apart from each other. Stacked sections act as cushions for heavy products.

Corrugated board is formed by combining one layer of paperboard, the medium, which is bent into a wave pattern, with one liner (single face) or with two liners (double-faced board). For greater strength, a second medium and face layer or even a third can be added to make double or triple-wall boards.

Medium and liner are generally unbleached kraft paper board for maximum strength. However, if the cardboard is going to be used as the primary retail package, one liner may be of bleached fiber to enable custom printing.